PrimeCor Cloud

PrimeCor Cloud offers integrated cloud-based services for remote pilots, operators, and fleet coordinators to manage and monitor their fleets, operations, and maintenance activities.

PrimeCor Cloud movil APP servicios basados en la nube a pilotos remotos, operadores o coordinadores de flotas para supervisar, controlar y gestionar sus operaciones


Ícono de gestión de datos de la solución PrimeCor
Data management

Operators keep their assets under control thanks to the ease with which they can manage their drone fleet and their pilots.

  • Data log/black box: incident and accident assessment.
  • Digital flight log.
  • Logbook: Information and scheduled preventive maintenance alerts.
Ícono de gestión del vuelo de la solución PrimeCor
Flight plan management

Permits the operator to design the flight plan and contingency plan.

  • Design and ratification of the Flight Plan.
  • Design and ratification of the contingency plan.
Ícono de Información para el piloto - operador de la solución PrimeCor
Information for the pilot/operator

Space is designed for the pilot to take control of operations and display essential information for their operations.

  • Digital log.
  • Training program.
Ícono de coordinación de flotas de la solución PrimeCor
Fleet coordination

Both operators and pilots can monitor their vehicles in real-time.

Ícono de Integración de U-Space / UTM
U-Space/UTM integration

Complies with U-Space/UTM implementation guidelines by facilitating seamless integration into the new air traffic management framework.

  • NRI/DRI.
  • U-Space/UTM contingency and management plans: events; contingency and emergency tactics and management.
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