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PrimeCor One is a dissimilar Safe Flight Control Computer, which includes a Safe Flight Control Computer (SFCC) to take control of the UAV enabling Contingency Management & Higher System availability: Return to Home (RTH), Hovering and Loitering,…

In other words, in case of failure, the system can still go back home or land without getting any damage or risking other people’s life.


MoC Light UAS 2511.


Autonomous Contingency Management

Containment/ Geo-Caging/ Geo-Fencing

This capability ensures UAV will be kept inside the designated operational volume by providing a set of strategic plans that enhance system availability as well as function integrity.

Flight termination (FTS)

It facilities safe termination of the flight and emergency landing as an independent system from the Primary Flight Control System.

Black Box

PrimeCor Zero provides Data Logging Function to facilitate reliable Incident/Accident Evaluation.

Direct and Network Remote ID (DRI/NRI)

Remote Identification allows the integration of drones into common airspace and U-Space.

The remote ID provides periodic information about the drones during flight, their operators and the location of their control centers.


Communication ProtocolMavlink
Sensors and receivers1x 9-axis IMU (CPU-1) /1x 6-axis (CPU-2)/ / 1x Barometer / 1x Temperature sensor
Interfaces12x ADC inputs / 2x I2C inputs / 2x CAN BUS / 12x PWM inputs / 12x PWM outputs / 2x RS232 / 1x USB / 6x UART / 16x GPIO
StorageInternal SD card
Power InputDual 5-28 V DC
Maximum Power2 W
Temperature Operation -20 to 65 ºC
Dimensions124 mm x 102 mm x 26 mm
Weight<290 g (Aluminium) – <165 g (Plastic)
CasingAnodized Aluminium -/ Plastic – IP54

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