Enabling technology to perform advanced

and high-risk operations

PrimeCor Safety as a Service

PrimeCor Cloud


PrimeCor Cloud provides cloud-based services to remote pilots, operators or fleet coordinator to monitor, control and manage their operations, fleets and maintenance activites in an integrated manner.

PrimeCor Cloud continuously collects operation and UAS data to enable analysis and provide valuable data about its conformance status, serviceability and optimized operation planning and execution.


Data Management

Operators will have their assets under control thanks to the ease of managing their drone fleet and their pilots.

Flight plan management

The functionality that allows the operator to perform flight plan validation and contingency plan design and validation.

Pilot/ operator information

Space designed for the pilot, to keep track of the operations and display valuable sources of information and reports such as the Digital Log Book and complement Training Program.

Fleet coordinator

Both operators and pilots will be able to track their vehicles in real time.

U-Space/UTM integration

Compliant with U-Space and UTM implementation guidelines facilitating a seamless integration into the new concept for airspace traffic management.

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PrimeCor Zero

Safety Monitoring & Management System

PrimeCor One

Safe Flight Control Computer

S-GCS Basic

Safety Ground Station

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