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Complete solution for monitoring, managing, and enhancing safety for UAVs.
Prior configuration of contingency plans that help mitigate risks for both the UAV and the mission.
Solution enabling advanced and BVLOS operations.

Parachute recovery

Sail II & III
operational risk

PrimeCor Zero is a monitoring and safety management system for UAS that offers geolocation; detection and evasion; system supervision; autonomous contingency planning and fleet-level management.

It is compatible with all standard Open-Source COTS UAS on the market, regardless of their configuration, size, weight, and mission to be performed.

UAS monitoring

Identification of system
failures and human errors

Generation of warning signals and deployment of contingency plans

PrimeCor Zero is composed of the following units:

  • TCU. Tracker and Communication Unit: The unit responsible for providing the identification and location information of the UAS.
  • ERU. Emergency Recovery Unit: unit responsible for monitoring and managing the safety of the UAS and missions. In case of system failure detection or human errors, the ERU generates information, emergency, and alert signals while activating its previously configured contingency plan.
  • PMU. Power Management Unit: in case of failure detection and no response from the pilot, the PMUs are designed to turn off the UAV engines and facilitate safe flight termination and emergency landing.
  • Virtual S-GCS: all our products come with a “Safety Ground Control Station” interface, which allows operators and pilots to visualize their missions in real-time.
UAS - Dron de la solución Primecor Zero

Tracker &

Power Magament


Power Magament


Power Magament


Power Magament



Recovery Unit

*To know the technical details of each unit, download the technical sheet technical sheet.

PrimeCor Zero is designed to ensure optimal performance of unmanned aerial vehicles while meeting high integrity requirements:

FTS- flight termination Systems

Enhanced Containment

Direct Remote Identification (DRI)

Your mission under control with PrimeCor Cloud.

PrimeCor Zero requires user registration to PrimeCor Cloud, our cloud-based services platform that allows pilots and operators to keep their mission under control thanks to its functions of data management; flight plan management; information for pilots/operators, and fleet coordination.

Imagen de la Interfaz de PrimeCor Cloud en versión móvil y tablet
  • Warning signals
  • Mitigation actions
  • User friendly interface

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PrimeCor Zero complies with the new European drone regulation EASA, DRI Standard (prEN 4709-002)

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