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✔ Real-time UAS tracker with DRI and NRI that provides drone identification and location information to enable airspace awareness.

✔ Solution aimed at UAS manufacturers who want to integrate a remote location and identification system (tracker) within their aircraft.

✔ Primecor tracker complies with the standards: DRI (STANDARD prEN4709-002) and ASTM F4311.

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PrimeCor Tracker components

PrimerCor Tracker

Virtual S-GCS (Virtual Safety Ground Control Station)

UAS - Dron de la solución PrimeCor tracker

PrimeCor Tracker 



Since January 1, 2024, the EASA regulation has been in effect, which dictates that all drones flying in a specific category and all UAS operating in an open category must have a direct remote identification system (DRI), whether it is integrated into the vehicle or from an external module.

PrimeCor Tracker is a GNSS location solution with LTE communication for UAS, which provides reliable and real-time information about:

  • UAS position/direction.
  • Latitude.
  • Altitude.
  • Speed.

Esta solución está configurada para fabricantes de UAS que quieran integrar un sistema de localización e identificación remota (tracker) dentro de su aeronave.

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